Anello Fascia A Specchio Placcato In Oro 18KT

SKU: WSET00518.YG-12

A gold statement ring richly finished with the iconic collection's Mirage pattern, embodies the essence of a strong woman. An elegant and bright 18KT ring that is perfect if paired to the many Etrusca necklaces and bracelets, but just as elegant if worn on its own. Wear this statement ring all day, every day with any outfit. Etrusca delicate Mirage collection tells stories of the breeze of the sea, the eternal sound of the waves, the warm Mediterranean beaches. The woman by Etrusca is bold, strong and seductive. An Amazon of contemporary times, who is not afraid to defy her destiny and to appear with a different, original and timeless jewel. The Etrusca collection is exceptionally unique in its design and manufacture as it embodies nature's beauty. With its combination of minimalism and colourful natural gemstones, tradition and innovation, the jewels of this collection are unlike any others and a great testament of a well designed piece of Italian jewelry.

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