Etruscan Jewels

The meeting of precious materials and colors paints an elegance made of simplicity and excellence. An aesthetic that only constant knowledge, observation and study of harmony can evoke. Turquoises, agates, aquamarines mix with sinuous and impeccably cut stones. An essential style, inspired by natural volumes and the charm offered by precious and semi-precious stones. Combinations of surfaces and colors, lively shades and contemporary tradition are expressed in the mix of weights, volumes and new shapes. EtruscaGioielli offers a free and contemporary approach to jewelery.

Memories from the future

Inspiration from the natural world for the creation of geometries that activate memory and lead the mind to distant lands. The search for an aesthetic manifesto, in perfect harmony with Nature. A journey between past and future, with the awareness of one's roots, past, present and future experiences and with respect for tradition.
Constant improvement of each creation, thanks to the perfect combination of modern technology and the best savoir-faire of the goldsmith tradition.

The charm of the Mediterranean

The creations Etruscan Jewels they contain all the elements of the Mediterranean and express its physicality. The precious and semi-precious natural stones, with their original and never predictable shades, take up their peculiar colors, while the delicate finishes of the jewels describe the surfaces, from the reflections of the sun's rays on the rippled waves of the sea, to the sweet mirage of a sand dune in the middle of the desert.
The five collections of Etrusca Gioielli express this world of Mediterranean inspirations, creating jewels to wear and to live.

Italian manufacture, quality and style

Etruscan Jewels it is developed with great attention to details and geometries, in the name of the best manufacturing art and the purest Italian taste: an elegant, sober, decisive jewel. Harmony and creativity allow you to alternate lively and important volumes with more minimal jewels, embellished with the best carefully selected natural stones. Their bright colors and their natural shades, never identical to each other, allow the creation of original and imaginative combinations, a reflection of the many Mediterranean shades.
The 18K gold plating gives each creation luminous and precious reflections, combined with a transversal and timeless taste. A push for solid innovation, guaranteed by the Milor Group and expertly integrated with the knowledge of tradition.
For decisive creations, with unforgettable sobriety.

The Etruscan Woman: a Mediterranean goddess

Drawing inspiration from the indomitable and elegant goddesses of mythology, Etruscan Jewels dedicates its precious creations to women who embody its values. Wearing the refinement of yellow gold, these women are able to best express their strong, sophisticated and welcoming personality, capable of unleashing the vivacity and passion of the Mediterranean in all circumstances.