Etruscan Jewels

Elements of Nature

The meeting of precious materials and colors paints an elegance made of simplicity and excellence. An aesthetic that only constant knowledge, observation and study of harmony can evoke. Turquoises, agates, aquamarines mix with sinuous and impeccably cut stones. An essential style, inspired by natural volumes and the charm offered by precious and semi-precious stones. Combinations of surfaces and colors, lively shades and contemporary tradition are expressed in the mix of weights, volumes and new shapes. Etruscan Jewelry proposes a free and contemporary approach to jewelery.

The Etruscan Woman

Memories from the future

The clear inspiration from the natural world generates unprecedented geometries, capable at the same time of activating memory. An independent and decisive taste paints the search for an ideal past-future. An aesthetic manifesto that finds the fulfillment of a shared and timeless dream in harmony with Nature. A unique and at the same time collective world of travel itineraries, suspended between the ability to plan and the awareness of how important the roots and respect for tradition are. In the constant improvement of each creation. 

The charm of the Mediterranean.

The creations Etruscan Jewelry they express all the physicality of the Mediterranean, with the complicity of material surfaces and colored allies. Precious and semiprecious natural and luminous cubic zirconia stones complete with style sensual, organic silhouettes, precious shapes. References that are expressed in the visual and material codes of the Mediterranean, with clear references to the sun and marine reflections: mirrors of water paint sinuous, hammered or smooth surfaces. Natural stones adorn every creation suspended between the future and matter. The five collections express this world of textures and inspirations, passing from Mirage mirrors to the matte surfaces of Velvet, with a reference to the value of elegance with Moneta and the colorful creations with Cruise and Delight gemstones. To wear, combine and give as a gift.

Italian manufacture, quality and style

Etruscan Jewelry it is developed with great attention to details and geometries, in the name of the best manufacturing art and the purest Italian taste: an elegant, sober, decisive jewel. Harmony and creativity allow you to alternate lively and important volumes with more minimal jewels, thanks also to the use of proprietary resins and alloys. The 18K gold plating gives bright and precious reflections, and a transversal taste to each creation. A push for solid innovation, guaranteed by the Milor Group and expertly integrated with the knowledge of tradition. For decisive creations, with unforgettable sobriety.